Cleaning Prices

Economy Clean

  • A faster Clean which Focus more on making the parts you can see on your Oven Look Good,
  • The Glass Window, Bottom Panel, Racks and Exterior are the areas which receive the main attention while the rest of the oven is Degreased.


– Single Oven £30



– Standard Oven (double oven) / Oven & Separate Grill £40


range  – Range type Cooker from £60

  • (4 Ring Hob Cleans are charged at £5 extra for Electric Hob & £10 for Gas Hob cleans, Extra Rings & Ranges are Negotiable, No Discounts are available on Economy Cleans Unfortunately)

Premium Oven Cleaning

  • Our Premium Service where your Oven is Stripped of any removal parts (Including the back panel &  fan where most of the grime collects) these are then placed in our de-carbonising Tank, the rest of the oven is then Degreased and Scrubbed to remove the carbon black marks,  the exterior is then cleaned to our high standards.

single – Single Oven £45


single+hob – Single Oven £50      – (Including Hob)


double – Single Oven & Separate Grill £55     – (Including Hob)

– Standard Oven (double oven) £60      – (Including Hob) – Other Cleaners can Charge for Your Hob Clean on top of your Oven,   ***If a Hob Clean is not wanted a discount can be arranged from all pricing including this***

– Extra Wide Cooker (one oven) £70       – (Including Hob)


side – Side by side Ovens £80      – (Including Hob)


range – Range type Cooker (90cm) £95      – (Including Hob)


– Aga Two Ovens/3 Doors or Range Type 100-110cm £105 

–      Including Hob £120

– Aga Four Ovens/5 Doors or Range widen than 110cm £115

–      Including Hob £130

*** HOT AGA CLEAN AVAILABLE ***    No Need to turn off your Aga for 48 Hours prior to your clean, We Like It Hot ! ! ! , For £25 extra we will clean your AGA while its still lit, (Hot Oven inners can not be cleaned at this time)

Microwave Oven £15

Hob Cleaning

Gas/Electric Hob £15

Gas/Electric Hob (4 hobs) £20

Extractor Cleaning

Extractor (single/double) £15

Extractor (triple+) £20

Extractor Paper £5


Bulb supply & fitting £5